Frequently Asked Questions

General Skincare
How much skincare is too much?

Skincare is important, but you can overdo it. The perfect balance of products should leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft to the touch. It shouldn’t feel tight, dry, or “squeaky clean.” We recommend discussing how much products to use. Need help just send us a message

Do skincare products expire?
At what age do I start anti-aging treatments?
Why is my skin so dry/oily?
What skincare products work well with chemotherapy?
Can diet really affect acne?
Can your skin get too acclimated to certain products, making them less effective?
How to know your skin type?
What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?
What are the benefits of caring for your skin on a long term level?
What are the top things to consider when choosing a skincare line to use?
What is the best way to minimize acne scarring?
Inoj Skincare
Can men use Inoj

Of course!!

Yes, Male skin is totally different from female skin on some levels and exactly the same on others.

Male hormones tend to produce more oil on a man's face than a woman's. And due to facial hair and shaving men deal with ingrown hair and dry skin. Which is why our Icing BHA clay mask, and Glow Jelly moisturizer will be just as effective for the men as it is for the women.


Skincare lines use the same ingredients the main difference is packaging and smell. This is why Inoj has gender neutral packaging and we don't use added fragrances outside of the natural ingredients that benefit the skin. 

How long before I start to see results?
What products can I use for acne-prone skin?
What products should everyone have in their skincare routine?
Secret to getting rid of acne!!
Should I pop my pimple?
Can your products shrink pores?
Why does your line not offer a toner?
How often should we exfoliate our skin? What is the best way to do it?
How is Inoj for all skin types?
If you're very acne prone, how should you treat your skin without drying it out.
Should I be treating various types of acne, differently?
Can I incorporate Inoj into another skincare regimen?

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